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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Wilmington, VT

Learn More About Your Essential Dental Care

Has it been a long time since you’ve spoken to a dental professional? It doesn’t matter what your question might be, we’ll do everything we can to answer it and make sure you completely understand your treatments before we begin them. Below, you can read over a handful of the most common questions we hear at the practice for your convenience. Of course, you’re always welcome to give us a call to address other concerns you might have.

How often should I visit for routine dental care?

We recommend that you visit our office at least once every six months for a routine exam and cleaning. This allows us to catch dental problems before they turn serious and remove plaque and tartar that can often get missed during at-home oral hygiene.

Can you repair my cracked teeth?

Yes! Our office provides restorations for all levels of dental damage, including dental crowns for single teeth and tooth-colored fillings to fill cavities. We opt for composite resin and dental ceramics due to their natural-looking characteristics and lasting durability.

How long do restorations take to make?

Traditionally, restorations take as long as two weeks to fabricate and place. However, thanks to CEREC technology that we utilize in-house, you can have many of your dental restorations designed, fabricated, and placed all in a single appointment! This saves you time and money on multiple dental visits.

My tooth hurts. Do I need a root canal?

It depends on the actual cause of your dental pain. For example, if an infection is present inside the center of the tooth, then endodontic treatments like root canal therapy will be needed. We’ll confirm if this is the case through detailed digital X-rays, then discuss treatment with you ahead of time.

What’s the best way to replace teeth?

While custom dental bridges and dentures are the traditional option for replacing teeth, dental implants work to replace the entire tooth, not just the visible crown. Not only does our office perform dental implant placement in-house, but we make use of modern technologies like our cone beam scanner to ensure the best treatment planning process possible.

Can I bring my child in for dental appointments?

Absolutely! Children should have their first dental appointment completed once their baby teeth begin to erupt. This is because teeth are capable of developing decay as soon as they appear. We’ll tailor the most appropriate exam based on your child’s age.

How can you enhance my smile?

While we offer multiple cosmetic treatments, quick and affordable solutions like direct bonding can work to hide chips, cracks, misshapen teeth, stains, and even minor gaps! We’ll be happy to discuss the best treatment option for you.

Can you treat gum disease?